Man accused of randomly shooting at dozens of homes appears in court


by Adam Walser

Posted on October 16, 2012 at 7:09 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 17 at 6:29 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A man is arrested after Louisville Metro police say he would walk the streets of west Louisville and open fire at random houses where people were inside.

Police say it's a miracle no one was hurt.

The shots were fired into more than half a dozen occupied homes, mostly late at night, while there were plenty of people at home, sleeping inside.

On Tuesday night, the suspect is at Metro Corrections awaiting arraignment on his latest charges.

“It's uncalled for,” neighbor Crystal Lewis said. “Anybody could have got hurt.”

Lewis works in a neighborhood where a man allegedly fired dozens of shots randomly, striking seven homes and cars.

Houses along Cecil Avenue are still riddled with bullet holes more than six weeks after the incidents started.

There were close calls, including a bullet that whizzed by a sleeping senior citizen's head.

Shots were also fired just feet from childrens' windows.

“I was actually in bed and all of the sudden, I heard shots. And it was kind of scary because it was in the back. And my kids, they sleep in the back,” another neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified, said.

“We have a daycare center here. And there's just a lot of kids in the neighborhood. I feel like it's unsafe for our kids to be out here playing and people coming around and shooting randomly,” Lewis said.

Police arrested 22-year-old John Miller for the first time on Sep. 15, after he allegedly was spotted by officers reloading a handgun.

Neighbors say moments before, he shot six to eight shots randomly in the neighborhood.

Police say he claimed he was practicing his shooting.

Miller was released on bond, and then allegedly shot at another house a week later.

In court a court appearance in September, his attorney indicated miller may have mental problems.

“I'm concerned there are some issues which will have to be addressed pursuant to an evaluation for competency,” his attorney said at a hearing on Sept. 27.

Miller is currently undergoing evaluation.

He was charged over the weekend with four new shooting incidents.

While neighbors are relieved he's behind bars, most victims were still too afraid to talk to us.

“It makes you just feel so unsafe. Like anywhere. You can't go nowhere to be safe,” Lewis said.

The first time Miller was charged with a felony was when he was 18-years-old. He was arrested for allegedly taking a weapon into Valley High School.

Miller was arraigned on wanton endangerment and criminal mischief charges Wednesday morning. He is being held a $10,000 bond and is due back in court next month.