Pistol whipped and robbed-- the victim speaks out


by Jacob Ryan


Posted on November 13, 2013 at 5:08 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 13 at 8:12 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- An October 3rd robbery began as an innocent conversation between a man and woman on the TARC bus.

When TeNessa Gentry got off the bus, the couple took her usual shortcut with her, claiming they lived in her apartment complex. Gentry said she knew it was trouble when Christopher Ewing, 22, took out a gun.

Gentry said they surrounded her, the lady, Melicia Smiley, 18, stood behind her and the man, Ewing, instructed Smiley to “take her stuff.”

Gentry struggled to keep her balance as Smiley pulled at her bag, but she fell down.

“I was on the ground. She was pulling me.  He took his gun and he hit me,” she said.  “I still wouldn't give it up. He hit me again right dead in my face. I went black for a second and I came to.”

Gentry said Ewing continued to hit and kick her until her bag ripped. They then took off up the road with the bag. She followed them, crying for help.

“They ran in a gentleman's yard and he came outside.  I got up to where he was and was like ‘Help me! Help me! They took my stuff! Call the police,’” Gentry said. 

While the man called police, Gentry continued to run after them.

“They got to the car wash and they split. He went behind the car wash; she stood right up there and puked. So I caught up with her and I stayed with her,” Gentry said.
The police arrived and arrested Smiley, but Ewing got away with most of Gentry's stuff. He took her rent money, cell phone and debit card.

A few weeks went by and Gentry was still frustrated that no one had found Ewing. Then there was a breakthrough.

“Two weeks ago I got a call from a detective. She wanted me to come in for a photo pack. So I went in and he was in the photo pack.  I picked the guy out,” said Gentry.

Gentry said she will never walk home that way again. She still hasn't gotten her stuff back, but what is more upsetting is the intangibles they stole from her.

“I would do anything for anybody. If you asked me for 5 dollars and I have it, I would give it to you. But they took that away from me to where I don't trust people anymore,” Gentry said.

Ewing and Smiley were charged with robbery. Their next day in court is Friday, November 15.