Parents of teens killed in Scott Co. crash say intersection is still dangerous


by Gene Kang

Posted on September 20, 2011 at 6:14 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 20 at 6:31 PM

(WHAS11) -- Four Scott County parents are trying to prove to a jury that their teens died because of things the state of Indiana did wrong.

They say an infamous intersection is still dangerous to this day.

A number of Scott County parents blame the state for the deadly crash that killed: Tim Brunmeier, Cory Emerson and Juliane Kraus at the intersection of State Road 356 and US 31, four years ago. Kraus was a German exchange student.

Dina Burke is Cory Emerson's mother and she said, "They were just unique and really good kids and had bright futures."

Today that intersection has been improved with flashing lights in both directions of 356. The stop sign has been moved closer to the driving lane.

But that's still not enough.

Brunmeier said, "We were asking for a blinking light in the middle of the intersection yellow and red. There's nothing to warn anyone on 31 about that intersection coming up."

Defense argued that the 19-year-old driver, Robert Henderson, told police he was possibly speeding - going 60 in a 40 mile per hour zone.

The families believe the teen may have misspoken to authorities at the time of the crash due to pure shock.
In a video interview on Tuesday Henderson said he was not speeding and he did not see a stop sign.

If the families win this case they say the money would be used for charity and keeping the teens' memories alive through scholarships.

This case could go to the jury by Thursday. They will reconvene at 8:30 Wednesday morning.