Parents brace for another possible snow day Tuesday


by Joe Arnold

Posted on February 7, 2010 at 8:18 PM

Updated Sunday, Feb 7 at 10:26 PM

Some people prepare for snow by buying road salt, not to mention bread and milk.

And some parents are already making plans if schools are canceled Tuesday.

And the best advice that we heard was start planning early.

A snow day means only two things to most kids.

“You get to have fun and you miss school,” said Jennifer Clark’s son.
But it's a different story for parents, trying to find out how to get to work and decide who's going to look after their loved ones.

“You do have to juggle a little bit,” said Clark who is a mother of three. But she says she's lucky because her parents are retired and can look after her kids if school ever gets cancelled.

“Thankfully it's not much more than a phone call. Say, "Hey the kids don't have school. Can you watch them? So, I'm very lucky in that fact.“

But Jennifer says she's always keeping an eye on the weather. When it comes down to those last-minute decisions by school officials, she says she's already anticipating a closing the night before.

“Always kind of plan the night before, if I know a storm is coming, I expect it in the morning.”

JCPS officials say several factors weigh into their decision.

They say they have to anticipate what percentage of the roads will be clear on a snow day and if it's safe for buses to travel in those conditions.