New evidence surfaces for Ricky Kelly murder case


by WHAS editors

Posted on August 1, 2014 at 6:20 PM

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - He survived one shooting but lost his life one year ago at Broadway and Clay.

In July 2013, Greg Sawyers was shot to death one year before he could testify against accused killer Ricky Kelly.

Sawyers family said they just want to see the violence stop and want to see justice.
No one has been arrested in Sawyers’ murder.

Sawyers’ murder investigation continues as Ricky Kelly's murder trial is about to begin next month in federal court.

Kelly was once charged with 8 murders in state court, but in federal court, Kelly is only accused of killing Lajuante Jackson in 2005. Court records show Sawyers was an eye-witness.

Dion Neal is also accused of being a part of the plan to kill Jackson. He is set to stand trial as well as Kelly's co-defendent.
On July 31, Neal's attorney filed court documents saying the government plans to use 73 recordings at the trial.

In one of the recordings, Neal's attorney said Kelly talked about "scare shooting Sawyers, and that he should have murdered him when he had the chance."

The attorney said other recordings have Kelly admiting to killing Jackson by putting 36 slugs in him.

And the documents go on to say that Kelly is recorded telling someone that Greg Sawyers is throwing his name around, placing him at a scene.