New documentary Has Louisville Ties


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on June 21, 2013 at 2:49 PM

Updated Friday, Jun 21 at 6:47 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- It's a documentary that is getting a lot of buzz on the internet and its roots begin right here in Kentucky.  It's called Raising Ms. President and in it you'll see some familiar faces like Congressman John Yarmuth and Metro Councilwoman Attica Scott.

It’s something Kentucky native Kiley Lane Parker has been thinking about since the 2008 elections. Why are today's women excelling in other professions, yet they lag behind in politics?

“The United States actually ranks 97th in the world in terms of female representation,” said Parker.  

The wheels started turning and a film with a purpose was born.

“Raising Ms. President is a documentary about encouraging the next generation to run for office by exposing the reasons why women don't run in the first place,” said Parker.  

Why don't they run?

”Ambition, lack of ambition and qualifications. Women don't think they are qualified to run for office,” said Parker.  

Production started in 2011 and the sixty minute documentary was shot in ten states, including Kentucky. Parker hopes it will be a conversation starter for society and also a reinforcement for young women that they can make it in politics.

“Even though we see with pop culture women are scantily clad, we're also seeing -- especially in the media realm -- strong female characters,” said Parker.

Raising Ms. President has a Kickstarter campaign to raise its finishing funds. The goal is 25,000 dollars by July 6th. Any amount is welcome from 2 dollars and up.

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