New app tracks crime in Lou. neighborhoods


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 7:43 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It's a new kind of neighborhood watch, right in the palm of your hand.  For a $1.99 iPhone users can download an app called Louisville SafetyCheck.

“The SafetyCheck basically gives you a crime score of wherever you are from one to ten, ten being the worst,” creator Michael Schnuerle, said.

The app pulls from the city's open data portal, primarily crime reports in the area. WHAS11  interviewed Schnuerle at the corner of Highland and Baxter. The crime score there, a 4, listing 172 crimes within the area. Some people we talked to overestimated the Crime score the app gave their neighborhood.

“I think our rating would be about a six,” Newburg resident Ed Beecham, said.

“It alerts you on your phone; you get a pop up on your phone if you're in an area that has a higher crime score,” Schnuerle, said.

We went to Beecher Terrace to see the crime score there, and residents there questioned the app.

“In this area right here there are a lot of killings that go on, so I was very surprised about the rating as a 5,” Jessica, said.

Although the app doesn't have everyone convinced, it does have features that are useful if you're in trouble.

“The most unique thing about the app is to really get a dialogue started between the citizens of the city and the police department,” Schnuerle, said.

It detects where you are and puts you just a click away from contacting the closest police department and that has smart phone users interested.

“I would download the app because I think it would give people more of an outlook of what's going on in the community, the crime rate, and an easier way to report a problem,” Tynichia, said.
“You always want your neighborhood to be safe and be able to walk down the street and enjoy life.,” Ed, said.

Click here for SafetyCheck Louisville.