Man’s wheelchair stolen from his own yard


by Maggie Ruper

Posted on May 13, 2013 at 11:28 PM

Updated Monday, May 13 at 11:41 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Jim Walser was in a motorcycle accident 38 years ago. Since, he has used a wheelchair to get around with the help of his service dog.

Last Thursday his sister took him to pick up some prescriptions. He left his wheelchair by the back gate at his home near Brownsboro Center. When he came back 30 minutes later it was gone.

“The first thing I said to my sister was, ‘Where’s my wheelchair?’” said Walser.

“It upsets me,” said Donnie Ruark, Walser’s neighbor.

Walser only had his new wheelchair for six months.

“With the wheelchair that was stolen, Jim could get around a whole lot better,” said Ruark.

Walser’s insurance will only pay for a new wheelchair every ten years. His new one was powered with a battery because Walser also struggles with Carpel Tunnel.

“So, I can’t push a chair anymore,” said Walser.

Roofers who were working in the area told Walser they saw a red Dodge truck drive by last Thursday with a wheelchair in the back. Walser has also filed a police report and taken out an ad in the paper offering a reward for the return of his chair.

“If they just bring it back and drop it off there will be no questions asked. I just want my chair back,” said Walser.

Anyone with information can call police and leave an anonymous tip at 574-LMPD.