Man attacked in convenience store tells his side of the story


by Renee Murphy

Posted on December 16, 2009 at 5:16 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 16 at 7:27 PM

A Louisville man says he was beaten with a baseball bat and a gun and tased while buying a soft drink at a local convenience store.

Two people have been charged in the assault, the alleged victim says they are both employees of that business.

It’s not something we hear about often, a customer beaten in a store.
But that's what Richard Lewis says happened and he wants you to hear his story.

“I went to the back to get me a Big Red and I got damn near beat to death over a Big Red,” said Lewis.

With blood on his boots and a reminder of the alleged beating on his jacket, Richard Lewis says he wants people to know what happened to him.

“Next thing I know I am pushing for the door to go out and I get hit in my head with a bat.  The door locks, I’m in a daze and the other one jumps over the counter with a 9mm and he hits me right here,” he said.

Lewis says he was in this Shorty’s Convenience Store on Dixie Highway on Monday buying a Big Red soda.

The checkout line was long so he says he left $2 to pay for the drink on the counter and that's when he says the store employees hit him over the head with a bat and a gun.

You can see the wounds and stitches on his head.

He says a third man also assaulted him.

“He comes out, he gets his licks in I got tasered I got beaten my legs are hurt my head is hurt,” said Lewis.

These two men were charged with assault and unlawful imprisonment.
Lewis' brother says he wants to see their business shut down.

“You gonna lock a person in your store and think that you have free will to beat him and that’s not right,” he said.

Lewis' attorney says they plan to take civil action.

“We are gonna be there are every court case and make sure that justice is served and then we'll be following up with a civil suit.”

The police report says Lewis threatened the suspects but he says that's not true.

We tried to talk to the suspects in this case and they declined to comment on camera at the request of their attorney.

But one suspect told me the truth is not out yet but it will be once everything is handled in the courts.