Louisville woman runs thousands of miles for Boston bombing victims


by Chelsea Rabideau


Posted on October 17, 2013 at 12:14 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 17 at 7:38 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A Louisville woman took on a bold challenge, to run every day for 180 days in effort to raise money for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Months after the bombing, Natalie French knew the victims in Boston still needed help and support.

 She was not able to travel to help, so she did what she could, she ran.

Every day for the past 180 days, French laced up her running shoes and hit the road. Each day represented a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Not even an elbow surgery stopped her.

“My surgeon said it was okay for me to run and I ran in a cast and a sling until I was out,” she said.

Some days French managed 10 or more miles. Other days, about 3.

 “I decided that every time I felt tired or sick or my legs hurt, that it was nothing compared to what they were going through and it was worth it,” she said.

 She ran through her own pain and exhaustion.

“There were days I didn’t think I would make it,” said French.

She did make it.  At the end, she was surrounded by the people who helped push her along the way with a final cheer for Boston.

On her last day, French ran 4.15 miles to represent April 15th, the day of the bombing.

She ran more than 2,000 miles in total. She donated a dollar of her own money for every mile she ran. Other people also donated to the cause and on Friday, Stock Yards Bank will send off a check for more than $3,000 to the One Fund in Boston.