Local family talks about loved one injured during Boston Marathon


by WHAS11


Posted on April 16, 2013 at 11:42 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 17 at 12:46 PM

(WHAS11) -- A Louisville native and Eastern High School grad was among those injured in the blast at the Boston Marathon. Rebekah Gregory and her son, Noah, were watching her boyfriend and his family run when the bombs went off.

"It strikes a different cord in your heart. You honestly cannot believe that someone would do something so mean to your loved ones," Donna Sabo, Gregory's great-aunt, said.

Sabo said watching the tragedy unfold at the Boston Marathon was the most difficult thing she has ever had to endure.

"This is personal now. This is personal with our family," she said.

Her 6-year-old great-nephew, Noah was watching the marathon with his mother when the blasts happened and suddenly went missing in the aftermath of the chaos.

"Lots of anxiety lots of crying lots of disbelief wondering was he alone had someone found him," Sabo said.

Family members in LaGrange said they scoured news websites for hours looking at pictures of children taken away from the scene and finally found a picture of Noah being wheeled away in a wheelchair.
"I got on the phone and called my sister and I'm like Patty we found him. I just saw a picture of him on a website and I know he's gonna be OK," Sabo said.

Noah was burned during the explosions and suffered a deep cut to one of his legs. At last check, he is on a ventilator because of smoke inhalation.  His mother, Rebekah, suffered compound fractures to both legs. 

Both Noah and Rebekah are expected to be OK - Sabo said that gives her a sense of relief.

"You have to have faith in God and accept the unknown. We are praying for our family and every family our there," she said.

Family members are now in Boston with Noah and his mother.