Lou. taxidermist left with $25K in repairs after copper theft


by Michelle Arnold


Posted on October 2, 2013 at 2:45 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 2 at 5:41 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Deer season is just around the corner, and for taxidermist James Carter, it's a very busy time of year. However, a copper theft at his business has left him with thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

“During deer season I need everything I can get simply because the demand that's put upon us,” Carter said.

Carter's Taxidermy and Deer Processing is a full service shop; they give you the meat and the mount.

“If I get a deer today, he comes in here, then lays there so we can cool him off right away,” he said.

But all of that changed Tuesday morning when Carter got a call from his wife; she had bad news. Someone cut and took the copper wiring on two of their large freezers.

”They got maybe $20 dollars worth of copper out of this whole thing. That has no value to it,” Carter said.

Police arrested 21-year-old William Toney for the crime at a nearby motel off of Dixie Highway. They found the copper wiring in a pillow case. Toney is now behind bars, but Carter is stuck with two ruined freezers and more than $25,000 in repairs.

“That one little piece of copper is all they get, but they'll tear the unit out to get it,” Carter said.

This isn't Toney's first time caught red-handed. He's a repeat offender.

Carter is taking precautions but said he knows it could happen again. 

“Locks only keep honest people honest. With a cutting device, I can unlock any lock in the world within in a minute,” Carter said.

Carter said he suspects much of the stealing has to do with selling the scrap metal for drugs.

“There's no logic to it; it's ongoing. It's a big problem, but we'll do the best we can,” he said.

Toney is charged with unlawful act relating to acquiring metals, injury to property and criminal mischief.