Lou. minister charged with forging signatures on deed



Posted on April 29, 2013 at 5:12 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 29 at 6:30 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A minister in a Louisville church is accused of forging signatures on the deed to her father's home.

Rev. Kimberly Colbert of Kingdom Land Baptist Church was arraigned Monday, April 29, on a felony charge of criminal possession of a forged instrument.

The alleged crime took place late in 2012, just before Rev. Colbert's father died.

Police say she admitted she forged the signatures of two witnesses on a quitclaim deed, and then she registered the deed with the county clerk.

This allowed her to lay sole claim to her late father's house.

When a WHAS11 crew showed up at Kingdom Land Baptist Church, church members and employees scattered.

They didn't want to discuss the fact that Kimberly Colbert, the wife of the pastor and a minister herself, had been charged with forging signatures on the deed to her father's home in the weeks before his death. 

Colbert was arraigned on Monday on a felony forgery charge.

Police say she admitted forging the names of witnesses on the deed to her father's home in December of 2012.

The crime was discovered when she used the deed to have her brother, Rodriquez Morris, kicked out of the house and cited for trespassing. 

“She called the police. She showed them a quitclaim deed. And she used that quitclaim deed to have me removed from the property,” Rodriquez Morris said.

Immediately, relatives became suspicious after spotting red flags in the document.

“That signature did not match my father's signature,” Colbert’s sister, Jawana Morris, said.

The deed was notarized by another church member two months before the date it was signed by the other parties.

The deed says it's prepared by Stephanie Young, who claims to live in the 1700 block of South 7th Street, but the address listed on the deed doesn't exist.

Alleged witnesses denied signing it.

“All of them said they didn't know what the heck was going on,” Jawana Morris said.

The name of one of the witnesses was even misspelled on the deed.

Colbert denied doing anything wrong and vows to fight the charges.

Family members say they're shocked their sister, especially a woman of God, could do such a thing.

“To believe they plotted this, it's a horrible feeling. Hopefully, someday, I'll have room in my heart to forgive her,” Rodriquez Morris said.

The notary public who signed the quitclaim deed is also listed on the church's website as a staff member.

She has not been charged with any crime.