Local pro-Syrian protestors speak out in favor of attack


by Joe Arnold


Posted on September 8, 2013 at 12:58 AM

Updated Sunday, Sep 8 at 12:58 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Waving Syrian flags and comparing Syrian president Bashad Hafez al-Assad to Adolph Hitler, protesters argued that they only way to peace in Syria is an act of war.

Though many are shouting to end war in Syria, many anti-Assad protestors in Louisville’s Highlands want the United States to attack Syria.

“What I hope takes place is Assad’s military units are targeted by U.S. air strikes,” protestor Lila Lufti said.

That's not a popular opinion -- one national poll shows only 36 percent of Americans support U.S. intervention.

A counter-protestor challenged the call to arms -- alleging the United States has been escalating the Syrian conflict.

“There is no clear imperative mission for the U.S., bombing Assad will not remove Assad. It will only escalate a civil war,” he said.

But for Lila Lutfi, who fears for the safety of family and friends in Syria, that anti-war message rings hollow.

“Where were they the past two and a half years when Assad was waging war against the Syrian people? I want to know where they were,” Lufti passionately said.

The protesters understand that after prolonged combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans are weary of war but are reminding Americans that the United States has a unique role in the world when innocent people are slaughtered.

“I know we have gone through a lot of unjust war and unnecessary violence. This is a just cause and only to save civilians. We are not asking for any boots on the ground. There are plenty of brave Syrians. They need our help in arming them with proper equipment so they can remove the dictators and bring freedom to Syria again,” Dr. Ammar Al-Masalkhi said.

When Congress reconvenes Monday after a five week break, they'll get the hard sell on Syria from President Barack Obama who plans a national address on Tuesday.

Most local members of congress have voiced opposition to u-s intervention in Syria:

In Kentucky -- senator Rand Paul and representatives John Yarmuth, Thomas Massie, Andy Barr, Brett Guthrie and Ed Whitfield.

In Indiana, both Senator Joe Donnelly and Congressman Todd Young appear to be against U.S. intervention.

Yet to reveal their votes are senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, Indiana senator Dan Coats and Kentucky congressman Hal Rogers.