Local family relieved, parents safe after Boston Marathon bombing


by Claudia Coffey


Posted on April 15, 2013 at 11:41 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 15 at 11:41 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Many people from Kentuckiana were in Boston running in the marathon when those bombs went off.

Families who stayed behind nervously called and waited for text messages to hear that their loved ones were safe.

The Block family children nervously waited at their home in Prospect Monday afternoon to get just one text message that said “we're ok.”

13-year-old Matt Block proudly lays out his dad, Tom Block's more than 20 marathon medals.

He's relieved to know his dad and mom are alive, but it's been a harrowing day.
“I found out they were only two blocks away from the actual explosion," Matt said.

Matt, his 9-year-old sister Katie and grandfather Gary nervously watched the coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing.

“I’m gonna be nervous and sad and probably texting my mom more," Katie said.
Their parents Kathy and Tom ran in Monday’s historic race and when they heard about the tragedy, their hearts sank thinking of the worst.

“I got a phone call telling me what had happened and they thought it was my parents that had been injured and I really freaked out," Matt said.

After 20 minutes of calling and texting, Matt got this text that said they were ok.

Tom was recovering from food poisoning and had to drop out early. It’s a move that may have saved his life.

“If you look at my time and pace there was a good chance I would have been finishing in the 4 and a half window. Worse than that, my wife would have been there waiting for me. To me that would have been worse than anything. Things happen for a reason in life," Tom Block said.

“It was like a gift from God that he got sick," Matt Block said.

Katie and Matt at least know their parents are safe but their hearts go out to those who aren't so lucky.

"I felt so bad for all the other people that weren't ok. I was about to cry when I heard all the people that died and got hurt and injured," Katie said.