Local actors, production company film 'Acts of God' in Lou.


by Rachel Platt


Posted on February 27, 2014 at 5:39 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 27 at 5:40 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- From the son of God, to Noah films based on the bible are seeing a resurgence and now there is one with local ties, it's called “Acts of God.”

And Bob Russell who was the pastor at Southeast Christian Church for 40 years, plays a key role in it; both on and off the screen.

The movie “Acts of God” is about seven lives that are all pulled together by one terrible accident.

From the loss of a child, to terminal cancer, to war and its effects each character has their own battle, and one nagging question, why is God letting it happen?

Bob Russell plays a pastor in the film something he was for 40 years at Southeast Christian in Louisville.

He was approached by City on a Hill Productions, a local company making the movie with local actors and shot entirely in greater Louisville.

The question of “why” is one he addressed in his sermons and books.

There is no easy answer but Bob Russell said he does know this, the Lord asks two things of us, to trust and be patient because it won’t be over in a week.

Being a pastor comes naturally to Russell but he says not the acting does not.

He says it was way out of his comfort zone, and no, he won’t remind you of Harrison Ford.

Russell's son Phil is also in the movie. He plays a soldier and La Grange was even transformed into looking like a war zone.

Phil Russell is a Metro Police officer who loves to act on the side, especially projects like this one that make a difference and have a deeper meaning.

This movie is heavy and for anyone who has experienced tragedy they will find value in it.

Bob Russell said people need to see someone who has endured tragedy and is still standing.

Phil Russell said his dad chose Joseph from the bible to focus on, who endured his own sufferings but in the end forgave.

It is a movie asking the big questions, with each moviegoer on their own journey to find the answers.