Lou. pawn shops helping track down stolen valuables


by WHAS11


Posted on May 13, 2013 at 5:24 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- City officials have a new way to crack down on home break-ins. Their new plan involves pawn shops and tracking down stolen valuables.

Those who run local pawn shops say this concept is real a win for the community. “Every time something is brought into our data base, any pawn shop in the city, it goes into our data base and then we download it on to a zip drive and upload it to leads online where it goes into a national data base where it can compare stolen items and items taken to pawn shops,” Beth Hill, manager at  Stewart’s Pawn Shop, said.

Stewart's Pawn Shop already uses this method.

Now, Louisville Metro Council members want to make it mandatory for every pawn shop.

Pawn shop employees take in an item and enter it into the national data base, then the description and serial numbers are cross references immediately, so stores can instantly find out what's legit and what may be illegal.

“We don't want anything that is stolen. We run a clean business. We want everything they bring in to us to be their’s,” Hill said.

Those at Stewart’s Pawn Shop say the program has already been successful in three different cases.

The Louisville ordinance still has to go before the public safety committee for a vote before the full council can vote on it.

That should happen in the next few weeks.

WHAS11's Renee Murphy has more, just click the video player above to watch.