Family wants answers after man's body found in rock quarry


by Whitney Harding

Posted on July 8, 2014 at 3:10 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 9 at 9:29 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – After his nephew’s body was recovered today from a rock quarry, Tyrone Goodman is still trying to process what could have happened.

"That's a feeling, that's you know we just don't understand,” he said. “There's not understanding for us."

Police haven’t identified the body they found in the depths of the rock quarry of South Park Road, but family members tell WHAS11 it was 26-year-old David Morris Jr.

The confusion becomes even more real for Tyrone and family members with regards to David’s last hours since it was well-known he was horribly afraid of water. One family member even said he wouldn’t go into pools.

"We don't know how he ended up in the water,” Tyrone said. “However, he did, he can't swim, so that's why what happened to him happened."

The family tells us that David was at the quarry on Saturday with friends.

“His friend said they were in the water and it was murky because of the mud and they heard a splash,” Gloria Rudy, David’s grandmother said. “They saw my grandson's shoe so they went looking for him. They could not find him.”

“Then they immediately came and got the officials, the people running the quarry,” Tyrone added. “[The officials] said that if he was in the water he would've floated up to the top, which he didn't. So they just kinda, you know, he's not there he didn't float up to the top.”

Gloria said she was in Florida when she found out her grandson was missing. She called Louisville Metro Police and got the search going on Sunday night. Gloria said the LMPD Dive Team searched the water Sunday and Monday, but finally had some luck Tuesday afternoon. One of David’s friends who was with him on Saturday showed exactly where they were in the water when they saw the splash and David’s shoes floating on the surface.

Gloria is eternally thankful for LMPD’s efficient efforts to find her grandson, but feels frustration towards those running the quarry.

“Why wasn't anything done?” she asked. “Why was you open for operation on Sunday when you were notified? And then once you were notified Sunday that he might be in the quarry, why didn't you close it up and evacuate it?”

We spoke to some people who live near the quarry and they say it costs $10 to enter the gathering area and you do have to sign a release waiver. The quarry is also only open for those 21 and older.

Still, Gloria and Tyrone believe more precautions need to be taken at the site.

“It's not hard to fall in,” said Tyrone who today got to see first-hand the exact part of the quarry it is believed David was sitting on beforehand. “So, I could very easily see him slip in. I just don’t' think they have enough authority, enough lifeguards, enough people here for incidents like this.”

“I can't do anything about what has happened,” Gloria said. “But I will try to prevent this from happening to anyone else's children. That is my concern.”

David leaves behind three children and his girlfriend is expecting one more.