Hodgenville, Ky. cleans up after severe weather hit area hard


by Gene Kang


Posted on March 1, 2012 at 1:23 PM

Updated Thursday, Mar 1 at 2:01 PM

(WHAS11) -- Cleanup efforts are underway after a tornado ripped through a subdivision in Hodgenville.

The National Guard is helping to keep looters out as families pick up the pieces.

"Tornado is strange, it'll destroy but it sneaks off like a child and it quietly and goes back up into the sky and moves on and you don't realize the power and destruction that it has," Dewey Keys, Gospel Grace Baptist Church Pastor, said.

The Clarks, one family affected by the severe weather, sweep away the mess after an EF-2 tornado tore through their Hodgenville home. But after losing her father recently, Melissa Clark fears she won't be able to find her family photos.

"Just things that he's given me and pictures and things like that. The roof is on top of everything right now," Clark said.

Melissa and her husband are expecting a baby boy in eight weeks. The couple and their 2-year-old daughter have to rebuild from scratch with insurance money.

Police tell us the National Guard is on standby for 24 hours as everyone is required to check-in after looters hit vacant homes.

A yellow "x" marks every house that's been cleared by firefighters. Nineteen homes were damaged near the 600 block of South Lincoln Boulevard.
"We're very fortunate that it hit at a time that there were not a lot of people at home,” Tommy Turner, LaRue County Judge Executive, said. “Structures we can replace, lives we cannot. So we're very thankful for that."
A woman in her 70's was hurt in the severe weather. It’s reported that she broke her elbow.

"She was still sitting in her recliner when the fire department got here. Roof was gone, side was gone out of it," Hodgenville Police Chief Steve Johnson said.

The National Guard will not allow anyone except homeowners after 6:30 Thursday night until Friday morning. FEMA is not able to help according to the Mayor but says Governor Steve Beshear has offered disaster relief help.