Jefferson County home boasts entirely 'Made in America' status



Posted on July 4, 2013 at 4:56 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 4 at 5:00 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It's the American dream to own your own house and even more so if everything in it is made in America.

So, on this dreary July Fourth, a ray of sunshine is over a house under construction in the Shakes Run subdivision in eastern Jefferson County.

A beacon of hope for the economy -- America's economy -- the flags and the sign say it all, Made in America.

Builder, Vince Kimbel, pointed out that everything in this house was made in America.
From the windows (Anderson, made in Minnesota), to parts of the fireplace, there are red tags pointing out every item and where it's made. Some are even proudly representing Louisville, Kentucky.

In all, there are 265 products representing 31 states.

Kimbel got the idea to do this after seeing a house in Montana featured on World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer.

But finding all the products to build the house was harder than you’d think which is why there are only around a dozen “made in America” homes in existence.

Screws made in America are almost impossible to find and a front door made in America can only be found at the International Door Company.

Kimbel says it’s been an education for everyone involved due to the extensive research required to find where all the products were made.

Another issue was the fact that American made isn't always cheaper.

He says in the end it may cost a little more, but it’s an investment in America.

Kimbel is convinced that if every builder specified made in America products, our economy and job market would take a healthy turn.

The project has even impacted his family and what they buy.

So, on this July Fourth, here’s a chance to show your patriotism in ways you've probably never imagined.

Home sweet home is especially sweet if it's made in the USA.