Husband and father of murder victims says: "It was a set up"


by Adrianna Hopkins

Posted on November 18, 2009 at 5:49 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 18 at 6:44 PM

Four of the five people charged in connection with the murders of Diana Wood and her son Steve Wood, Jr. are behind bars. Steve Wood, Sr. says his wife and son died at the hands of a devil.

"Mr. Kilgore, you're charged with two counts of murder..."

One by one, Zachary Kilgore, Laquita Townsend, Marcus Greene and his wife Dacica, pleaded not guilty to charges connecting them to the murders of Diana Wood and her son Steve Wood, Jr.

This is not the first time here for Kilgore and Marcus Greene. They're both convicted felons on parole.

They have an extensive, lengthy arrest history.  Greene's dating back to 1998, Kilgore's 1994.

In the past, Greene's been charged with sex abuse, assault and cruelty to animals among other charges.

Kilgore's rap sheet includes rape, assault, stalking and violating a domestic violence order.

Their latest charges: the murder of Steve Wood Sr.'s wife and son.

A murder he says he was plotted and planned out. A set up that started when he says, LaQuita Townsend knocked on his door.

"She lured him out of the house and the more I think about it, they came with weapons... It was like a set-up deal over nothing," he said.

He says she started an argument with Steve Junior, who was trying to calm her down. Then Steve Senior says he came outside telling his son to come inside the apartment.

He says it was all part of the suspect's plan. And suddenly, he says, his wife was shot once and his five times in the back. Then the suspects beat him up.

"The more I thought about it, the guy in the back was already back there. These guys already had our home surrounded. She fooled us into coming out. And that's how they were able to shoot my wife in there," he said.

"Look at those bullet holes that went through my sons body... look at them. Look at what went through my wife's body and came out of her back," he said.