Hangover remedies: Fact or Fiction


by Claudia Coffey


Posted on December 31, 2013 at 8:36 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Have you ever wanted to kick back with a few drinks on New Year’s Eve but dread the inevitable hangover?

There’s always a running list of the facts and fiction behind common hangover remedies from aspirin to black coffee.

Even the best hangover cure will do little if you down a whole case of champagne while ringing in 2014.

The stage is set at Fourth Street Live with plenty of balloons and every restaurant and bar in town ready for the party.

WHAS11 took to the streets of Louisville to find out what common cures are out there. Question is, do they work?

Here’s where we separate fact from fiction.

First, you always hear take aspirin before going to bed.

“You definitely have to take some ibuprofen, bunch of water. Then in the morning Gatorade and Airborne," partygoer Rachel Ellerby said.

This advice is mostly true. Drinking too much alcohol can trigger an inflammatory immune response in the body, causing aches and pains. Downing an aspirin or ibuprofen can help lessen that response.

Then there's -- hair of the dog

“Bloody Mary. That for some reason helps me -- hair of the Dog," says Gina Hill

Experts say this one is fiction.

Because alcohol is a diuretic, doctors say, having a spiked coffee or a breakfast beer when hung over can make you feel even lousier because you become more dehydrated.

Then there is thing one – a greasy breakfast to soothe an upset stomach.

"Coca Cola and a pizza help pretty well. Something greasy to soak up what's left over," partygoer Josh Klein said.

This one is partly true.

Too much alcohol can both irritate the stomach lining and lower blood sugar, meaning you might end up both nauseous and in need of a snack after a big night out.

Drink plenty of water.

“Plenty of water -- yeah plenty of water. Definitely water," says Shayne and Gina Hill said.

This one is true. It might not be a total cure-all, but drinking water or other hydrating liquids will go a long way in helping you get over a hangover.

There is one more almost foolproof way to get over most hangovers – sleep.

Hangovers usually wear off in about 24 hours, so taking a long nap might be the best way to survive a terrible hangover on the first day of the new year.