Judge orders jury from another county in suspected serial killer's trial


by Adam Walser


Posted on September 28, 2012 at 2:20 PM

Updated Saturday, Sep 29 at 12:11 AM

(WHAS11) -- It's the case everybody we talked to in New Albany has heard about. The state of Indiana versus William Clyde Gibson, III, the suspected serial killer charged with killing three women over the past decade.

"I've read it in the newspaper. I've seen it on the news. I've actually went past his house," said New Albany resident Erica Pate.

Gibson's neighbors say lots of people have.

"It's been a whole lot more traffic, a whole lot more interest in that house over there," said William Ledbetter, who lives across the street from Gibson.

The interest was sparked by images on television of cops digging up a backyard and loading boxes of evidence after discovering the remains of two victims on the property.

Gibson's attorneys believe those stories poisoned the possible jury pool in this county of 75,000 people, keeping Gibson from being able to get a fair trial.

On Friday the judge, the defense and the prosecutor agreed that there is widespread publicity, but rather than move the trial out of the county, the judge ruled that jurors will be selected from Dearborn County, near Cincinatti, and brought in.

The move would be less expensive that moving the whole trial, but would still involve the cost of transportation, lodging and meals for a jury and alternates for the duration of a trial that's expected to last at least two weeks.

"We're asking a lot out of a juror to come to another county to be sequestered for a period of time for a case of this seriousness," said Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson.
Relatives of Christine Whitis, the first victim's case to go to trial, were pleased with the judge's decision.

"I've got four children and grandchildren," said Mike Whitis, Christine's son. "Mom had a lot of people who will want to come and see this and it would be a burden on us to have to travel very far, so I'm pleased with the decision the judge made."