Germantown man attempting to find person behind graffiti


by Alex Schuman

Posted on August 7, 2014 at 11:16 PM

 LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)-- It's mostly yellow paint and the same patterns keep appearing in graffiti in one part of Louisville.

No one who lives nearby seems to know what it means, but there is at least one man who plans to make it stop.
"I hate seeing people's property being defaced like that," said the man who is trying to find the tagger.
One Germantown man is on mission to protect his neighborhood.
"In the last month and a half it's been gettin' real aggressive," he said.
He does not want to be identified, but does want help finding the people behind a big increase in graffiti also known as tagging in Germantown.
"Generally speaking on a mission to help the local police with this situation," he said. "It's a problem."
This Germantown graffiti fighter is retired, which is why he can focus most of his time on finding the spray painters.  He even painted two eyes next to this tag to let the perpetrators know he's watching.
"I have nothing better to do than to be a worrier and go after 'em.  Call the police and let 'em know where they're at and what they're doing," he said.
He bought his own paint and immediately covers up any tags he sees on public property.
"I get to it as quick as I can.  Cause the city takes awhile to get to it," the man said. "They want to glorify what they put out there, but if they're doing it in this neighborhood I'm gonna deface it."
People from the neighborhood support this vigilante's plan.
No one WHAS11 talked with has caught the graffiti artists in the act, but Germantown’s newest defender will not rest until this new problem comes to an end.
"Better be aware cause I'm certainly out here watching," he added.