Foreclosure settlement helps renovate apartments in Louisville


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on September 16, 2013 at 5:43 PM

Updated Monday, Sep 16 at 6:00 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Some of the buildings don't have doors on it; some of the buildings don't have a toilet attached to it,” Amanda Starr said. 

Amanda Starr knows her apartment isn't perfect; she knows it isn't even close. But she was once on the streets and this is a place her and her three kids can call home.

“It does provide housing for some but it is substandard, has fueled crime, and is definitely in need of this renovation,” Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway said.

Jack Conway knows too; he's passed these apartments on Nightingale Road countless times. What he saw on the outside is not near as bad as what is happening inside.

“There's black mold all up through it. There are dry rotted baseboards,” Anthony Starr said.

The mold is what put Amanda Starr's daughter in the hospital. The Housing Partnership Incorporated is what is placing them in a much better situation. HPI was able to purchase 65 of the units with money the state secured from a historic settlement.

“I'm proud to say today that 600,000 of that money from the national foreclosure settlement will be used for this particular project,”  Conway said.
The numbers are staggering; 48 states received $25 billion from the nation's five largest banks due to wrongful foreclosures. Kentucky received $58 million. The money provides help, restores dignity and gives hope to Kentuckiana families.

“When a home is foreclosed upon especially if it's due to robo signing or fraud or error, you're not just foreclosing on that individual and taking their dignity, you're foreclosing on that family,” Conway said.

HPI plans to begin renovations in the next couple of months.