Floyd Co. prosecutor reveals new details in triple death case


by Adam Walser


Posted on March 15, 2013 at 4:10 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 15 at 7:03 PM

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) -- For two days, law enforcement has been tight lipped as a community remained in shock, after the bodies of a mother and her two children were pulled from a creek in Binford Park.

This afternoon, Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson finally provided some answers.

"Two of the individuals, the children, Brandon and Kaitlyn, were drowned in the Binford Park creek. The cause of death of the mother, Jaime is pending," Henderson said.

Police said they are awaiting toxicology reports for the 35-year-old mom.

"All three bodies were unclothed," Henderson said.

Near the bodies, investigators said they found clothing and a harness used to carry six-month-old Kaitlyn.

"A Bible was found with the harness," Henderson said.

The Clutters moved to New Albany from Aberdeen, Wash. where they lived in a home still listed for sale. Jaime's husband, Mike, worked at a shipyard before being laid-off more than a year ago.

Family members said the Clutters moved to New Albany to be closer to a new job at a Louisville printing company and the Greater Faith Church, which they began visiting regularly about four years ago.

"Off and on probably twice a year they would come down from seattle," Greater Faith Rev. J. Todd Nichols said.

Jaime's father talked over the phone with WHAS11 News Friday.

" Everything seemed to be going really, really well for them. He was doing good on his job. They got involved in a church over there. Them people was just great and everything was wonderful. It seemed like everything was good," William Pink, Jaime's father, said.

Police say Mike Clutter has cooperated completely, allowing officers to search his apartment and cars.

Law enforcement, family and friends still don't know exactly what happened, but investigators said they don't believe there's a dangerous killer on the loose the public needs to fear.

"It's probably without question the most traumatic event that's happened at this church for sure, and probably in my lifetime," Nichols said.

"It's just a heartbreak. It just pulls your spirit right out of you. I don't know, we've never been here before. It's hard to express in words. It's very, very very sorrowful," Pink said.