Family still waiting for closure 1 year after war veteran's murder


by Rachel Nix

Posted on November 10, 2009 at 12:52 AM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 10 at 12:58 AM

A big crowd was crying, praying, and hoping that a war veteran's murder will be solved Monday.

It's been one year since 43-year-old James Duckett, Jr. was found dead inside his Shelbyville home.

No one's been arrested.

On that night a year ago, James Duckett's sister found him tied to a chair, his throat slit, and stabbed multiple times.

A year later, a huge crowd joined his family to remember him and hope to find his killer.

Family and friends of James Duckett Jr. sat in these pews one year ago, waiting as police gathered evidence at Duckett's house to try to figure out who killed him Monday, they're back at a church and one year later, they're still searching for answers.

"We want people and ourselves to get past this so we can properly start grieving," said Duckett’s niece Brittney Claycomb.

"It’s the good things and that's what we want remembered, because everybody just remembers how he died and not who he was before he died," said Rebecca Cecil.

"He was a great guy. He did anything for anybody. I never heard him speak ill of anyone or say he was the type of friend everybody wishes that they had and if you didn't get the chance to know him you missed out," said Claycomb.

In the crowd some who never met him came to honor Duckett as a brother, father and decorated desert storm veteran.

It's been a full year since Jim Duckett died, but his family says, they won't give up hope that the killer or killers will eventually be found.

"My uncle's case will not go unsolved ever. If I’m here 10 years down the road I will still be as adamant as I am today," said Claycomb.

"Whoever did this, we have not forgotten, this community will not forget and we will not just let this blow over quietly," said Duckett’s son Alexander.

Until then, the Shelbyville community will continue to pray for Jim and for the day he will get justice.

Police did initially have some leads, a stolen truck, a grainy ATM photo but no suspect has ever been named in Duckett's murder.

Kentucky State Police say they continue to investigate.