Family says Clarskville mother was gunned down by 'obsessed customer'


by Gene Kang

Posted on February 18, 2013 at 7:14 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 19 at 5:56 AM

clarksville shooting

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CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) -- An overnight shooting in Clarksville left a woman dead and one man facing charges. Lisa McQuirt, a mother of five, was gunned down outside her boyfriend’s apartment on Kenwood Drive.

Her family says she worked at Bottoms Up strip club and was killed by an obsessed customer. Police call it a domestic fight.       

Lisa McQuirt was shot to death in front of her boyfriend's Clarksville home which alarmed parents and kids next door.

"They're all daddy daddy and there were cops just everywhere,” neighbor John Weathers said. “I heard four gun shots.”

Detectives say McQuirt, 32, was gunned down by Ronald Shewmaker, 44. She was shot at least four times. "One in the neck, one in the chest and not sure of the two other locations," Clarksville detective, Major Darrell Rayborn said.
Family and friends did not go on camera but say they were hiding inside the house when they heard the gunfire.

Apparently McQuirt tried to quiet the suspect before she was shot and collapsed. One woman says she saw Shewmaker destroying her tires.

"I saw him over there slashing the tires. My dog is a pug and I dragged her into the house. I knew something was going on,” says one witness.

The Dodge Charger was registered to both McQuirt and the suspect. Police were not able to give their exact relationship, but her mother says she was a dancer at Bottoms Up strip club and believes Shewmaker was a regular who stalked her for months. She thinks, at some point, the two were friends.

Sources say McQuirt was attempting to re-register for nursing school after people judged her for being a dancer.

Shewmaker had nothing to say to police and asked for a lawyer. He was arrested at his Corydon home where police recovered a handgun from the shooting. Shewmaker is facing a murder charge.