Louisville family that has lost 3 to homicide shares their story


by Renee Murphy


Posted on November 30, 2012 at 7:16 PM

Updated Monday, Dec 3 at 8:28 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- One Louisville family is waiting to see what happens to a man on trial for killing their loved one. The victim’s mother has now lost three of her children to homicide.

“We’re hurting. We are really hurting and we are suffering,” Candrell Linear the victim’s sister said.

Marcus Crook is on trial this week for the murder of Joe McNealy in 2009 in Louisville.  As the trial comes to an end the pain is far from over for McNealy’s family.

In 1995 McNealy's sister Suwanda Cole was shot to death on Olive Street in Louisville. And six weeks after that McNealy's brother Deron Cole was gunned down in the family home.

“We have been through it too many times," Linear said.

Linear is the sister of all three victims. She says being back at the courthouse for Crook's trial is like reliving the hurt all over again.

“Nobody wins. My family doesn't win just like his family doesn’t win. At the end of the day everybody is hurt. The violence I hope one day will end,” Linear said.

WHAS11 interviewed McNealy's mother in 2005 about gun violence and the victim's survivors.

“My whole family is messed up behind all these deaths right behind each other,” Darlene McNealy, mother of all the victims said.

Seven years later the pain is just as powerful for her and her children.

“I just want everybody to feel the pain that we are going through,” Linear said.

They want their story to serve as a message. The family wants young people to remember them when it seems firing a weapon is the answer.