Families upset over dilapidated condition of Greenwood Cemetery


by Rachel Platt


Posted on May 28, 2013 at 5:38 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 29 at 11:32 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Local families are begging for help after trying to reach their loved ones graves on Memorial Day.

The Greenwood Cemetery in West Louisville is considered abandoned property and right now the plan for upkeep isn’t working. The headstones mark loved ones who are gone, and appear to be forgotten.

The grass is so high you can barely see the grave markers, much less make out the names of those who are buried there. Greenwood Cemetery is the final resting place for local residents and veterans alike, and family members of those who have died will tell you they are far from forgotten.

Mona Hite’s mother is buried at Greenwood. She said it’s breaking her heart that she can’t get to the grave. She tried on Memorial Day, but found the weeds and grass too tall to find the grave.

Hite said people armed themselves with lawn tools Monday, but it was just too much. They returned Tuesday to find some progress.

Supervised inmates were also at Greenwood Tuesday - mowing the grass so deep it nearly stalled the mowers. They also used weed eaters near headstones trying to restore dignity to a cemetery that was abandoned years ago.

Greenwood Cemetery is one of three cemeteries that have been abandoned. Dismas Charities has stepped up and they are trying to help with upkeep - a supervisor is paid to oversee the inmates who provide the free labor and this year they got a late start.

Robert Lanning with Dismas Charities said they are trying to help and hopes no one blames them, but blame those who walked away from responsibility years ago.

With no one in charge the cemetery falling in disrepair. Not just with high grass, but it is also turning in to a dumping ground.

Ruben Pulliam with the Justice Resource Center said Louisville should be ashamed.

Dimas Charities said they hope to be caught up with the mowing by next week. But again, this is a temporary fix and not a permanent solution because no one seemingly owns the property and it doesn’t appear to be in the city’s jurisdiction.

So for now, anyway, no one is resting in peace at Greenwood Cemetery.