Employer remembers Good Samaritan who died in Ky. crash


by Michelle Arnold


Posted on February 11, 2014 at 5:50 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 11 at 6:09 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Dan Effinger was stunned when he heard the news about his long-time employee, 30-year-old Jeffrey Campbell.

"He was a good person; I just couldn't believe that a tragedy could happen to a young man like that," Effinger said. 

Campbell first started working for Effinger when he was 18-years-old at Assured Auto Care. He'd moved up the ranks to become a manager; he was the kind of employee Effinger loved having at work.

"He was a great family man; one of the last things I had talked to him about doing was going to a father daughter dance" Effinger said.

On Sunday night, Campbell was traveling on I-75 North with his wife and two daughters. The Madison County coroner says Campbell stopped to help 22-year-old Meredith Buscher after she had been in a minor accident on the interstate.  Police said the cars were in the emergency lane and Buscher and Campbell were outside of the vehicles when 56-year-old Bryan Mangan swerved his white Explorer to miss the cars but struck Buscher and Campbell. Campbell died immediately, Buscher soon after at UK hospital. Police say Mangan was drunk.

The coroner said the pile up was difficult to see on I-75. 

Rodney and Mandi Adams agree; they encountered the scene mere minutes later.

"It looked like a policeman had somebody pulled over. That's all it looked like," Mandi Adams said.

The SUV in front of them collided with Mangan's Explorer that was lying in the middle of the interstate.

"I thought he had died from how bad his wreck looked, but I had no idea that there were already two deaths before we got on the scene. So to find all that out it was pretty upsetting," Rodney Adams said.

Adams was also in the car with his two daughters.

"It was really dark there; you couldn't see. There were no street lights in that spot," Adams said.

After hearing what happened to Campbell and Buscher, Adams and his wife were shaken up.

"I'm on the road a lot and I see bad wrecks. I want to stop but I don't because it's so dangerous," Adams said.

But Campbell's boss says it was just like Campbell to try to aid a complete stranger.

"That did not surprise me; he was always a helpful type person," Effinger said.

Mangan was taken to the Madison County Jail and charged with driving on a suspended license and aggravated drunken driving. Police are still investigating the crash.

The folks at Assured Auto Care are taking up donations for Jeffrey Campbell's family at both of their Louisville locations at 2901 Goose Creek Rd. and 9005 Galene Dr.