EXCLUSIVE: Islamic cemetery proposed in Mt. Washington, residents upset


by WHAS11


Posted on February 13, 2013 at 12:48 AM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 13 at 1:22 AM

MT. WASHINGTON, Ky. (WHAS11) -- An open piece of land on Hubbard Lane in Mt. Washington is at the center of controversy. Residents received a notice in January advising them of a public hearing on the issue on Feb. 14. The Louisville Islamic Center on River Road wants to turn the land into an Islamic cemetery.

A spokesperson for the center said it was a joint venture by the Muslim community. They said there is a need for one and after looking for spaces they decided on the land in Bullitt County, but residents who live next to the property are opposed.

“It doesn’t matter what denomination it is, we do not feel that a cemetery belongs right here in the middle of our residential area,” Harry Cambron said.

“My primary concern is that there's already congestion. You can't get two cars to pass on this road, let alone adding more traffic to it,” Mark Seymour said.

The Louisville Islamic Center is asking for and will need a Conditional Use Permit to proceed with their plans for the land. That will be discussed on Thursday.

Ron Boss lives on a small farm next to the property. His wife died this past November.

“Out of respect for my neighbors I didn’t even try to bury her here. We put her in a regular cemetery and I’m thinking that's just courtesy, and now they can come and there’s no telling how many people they're going to put there,” Boss said.

Spokesperson Ozair Shariff said the land in Mt. Washington suited their needs. He wouldn’t go into other specific details as to why they were interested in the property in a different county, but he did say it was the right price. The sale to purchase the land is still pending.

The public hearing for the permit will be held on Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Bullitt County Fiscal Court Room at 300 S. Buckman St. in Shepherdsville. All interested citizens are invited to attend.