Crews work around the clock to clear roads for commuters


by Adrianna Hopkins

Posted on February 15, 2010 at 10:51 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 16 at 12:46 AM

How would you rate the city's snow response this week?

Even though city road crews have been out all day de-icing and plowing, there are still plenty of slicks spots out there.

Not only are there slick spots, there are places that are just downright covered in snow. Mainly your side roads, and neighborhood roads but we found a few main roads that could use a plow.

City and state crews hope that by Tuesday morning your commute will be easygoing.

"Hopefully by tomorrow morning people are going to see pretty clear roads, it just depends on what develops overnight. But we should see some pretty clear roads," said Mayor Jerry Abramson's spokesperson Lindsay English.

Which means tonight, city crews have a lot of work to do.

Take a look at what Shelbyville Road in Middletown looked like around 7:30 Monday night. They were snow covered. And the snow continued to fall.

"Probably your neighborhood roads and some of your secondary, side roads, those are probably going to be a little bit more snow covered because they won't get as much of a priority as the main thoroughfares," said English.

And from the looks of things in the Douglass Hills neighborhood, these roads could use some plowing and salting. Many of the roads throughout the neighborhood were covered with snow. They were  passable, but not clear.

The highways though were a different story. Most of I-64 heading downtown for instance was clear, just wet. Still state crews have wind to worry about as it blows snow into the lanes.

"A lot of our counties, Henry, Trimble and Oldham got a lot more snow, so they're still salting and plowing a lot of the roadways in that area," said Andrea Clifford, Public Information Officer with the KY Transportation Department.

"We're hoping to have the interstates in good condition just like we do tonight. We still expect that there might be some slick spots because of the snow continuing to come down, but we're going to continue to salt the roadways," said Clifford.

City crews are now on 12 hour shifts and will be working over night plowing and salting.

State crews are on 16 hour shifts and will treat the highways in Jefferson County and the highway and state roads in the surrounding counties.

City says drive with caution as you're heading out of your neighborhoods.