Decision about new rock quarry to be made Monday, nearby residents voice concern


by Adam Walser

Posted on August 19, 2012 at 9:21 PM

Updated Monday, Aug 20 at 4:14 AM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) - - A controversy is heating up in Bullitt County, and on Monday night the Hillview Council will decide whether to rezone a farm allowing a new rock quarry to be built on the site.

Residents say they are worried about noise, dust and traffic. But they say their biggest fear is that a large mine at the site will have a negative impact on the environment.

“It's about 300 feet. That's where they'll be in that hole when they dig,” said Castle Rock Rd. resident Sam Kerr, pointing to the site where he says a rock quarry might be located next his home.

For more than 42 years, Herr has looked out on a peaceful dairy farm from his backyard, even though he's often felt the rumbles coming from another rock quarry down the road.

“It sounds like a bomb went off. Dishes rattle. Floors jump up and down,” Herr said, describing the frequent blasts.

Soon he about three dozen of his neighbors could be dealing with a second rock mining site much, much closer to their back doors.

The Hillview Council tomorrow night will make a final decision on whether to rezone a 300-acre farm, allowing Rogers Group, which operates Bullitt County Stone, to build another rock quarry on the site.

“The Rogers Group is a multimillion dollar business. They already own 353 acres. They get another 300, they're gonna have a thousand acres out here,” said neighbor Chris Sansbury.

Sansbury is leading an effort to stop the mine operation from coming into the neighborhood. He's worried it will negatively impact the environment.

“There are underground caves and streams and what they call conduits. If anything collapses, is the rock quarry gonna take responsibility for it?” said Sansbury.

Sansbury says he's also concerned about the effect blasting will have on dozens of sink holes that the Kentucky Geological Survey has identified near the site.

He says the potential impact of mining hasn't been determined.

“We'd like to see them push it aside for a while, but Rogers Group is pushing to get the zoning passed,” said Sansbury.

More than 400 neighbors have signed a petition asking the board not to approve the rezoning.

Dozens plan to attend tomorrow night's meeting, wearing t-shirts and carrying signs.

But neighbors like Kerr aren't sure it'll do any good, since the land in question is annexed property more than four miles away from the center of Hillview.

“None of them live out here, so they don't have the problem,” Kerr said.

We tried to contact the Rogers group today, but we're able to reach anyone at the Bullitt County operation.

The meeting is scheduled to take place Monday night at 6:30.