Friends of Hillview police chief react to his indictment


by WHAS11

Posted on October 2, 2013 at 4:39 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 2 at 7:29 PM

BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. (WHAS11) -- (WHAS11) -- Friends responded to the indictment of Glenn Caple, Hillview’s police chief. 

A grand jury indicted the policeman for allegedly lying to the FBI about the location of a meth lab found at the Hillview mayor’s house.

“I’m just really… sad.  I’m sick,” one friend of Chief Glenn Caple said.  She chose to stay anonymous, but wants people to know he is not the type of person to break the law.

“This man is innocent – period,” she said.
Caple’s lawyer, Thomas Clay, has also known the police chief for years.  He admits if the FBI indicts a public official their evidence must be strong, but he thinks the FBI may have false evidence from inside the department.

“I think there was a police officer with Hillview who may have had…. another agenda,” Clay said. “And he may have tried to shift the focus off him and onto the chief.”

WHAS11 tried to get comments from police and the chief, but the doors of the department are locked and lights are off.  The mayor’s office also did not respond, and the city attorney they referred us to did not respond.

Clay told us his own investigation is drudging up evidence that contradicts the FBI’s charges.

“I’ve talked to other members of the Hillview police department,” he said.  “I think there are definitely more sides to this story.”

Clay takes Caple’s word when the chief says he did not do it, and some in the community clearly do too.

“I’ve always thought he was a very nice man,” Caple’s friend said.

Even though the doors are locked, Hillview’s police dept. will respond if called.  The officer who answered says Caple remains the department’s police chief.