LMPD search for serial burglar in East End


by Claudia Coffey


Posted on May 8, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 8 at 5:41 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky -- A string of car break-ins in eastern Jefferson Couny has residents on high alert.

It started at the beginning of April, and the burglar is targeting the neighborhoods of Lyndon, Bellemeade and Hurstbourne.

Surveillance video was taken at one of the residents homes who's car was broken into.

The surveillance video shows the suspect first entering the passenger side of the car,  rummaging around then moving to the driver's side, grabbing whatever he can. This all happened in a matter of two minutes. So far police said he's broken into more than 23 vehicles. In the Hurstbourne neighborhood in April he stole items out of a dozen cars in one night.

"We never have any problems like this," says Resident Leonard Buckner.

It's a string of crimes that's startled residents in three areas that have been targeted. Lyndon, Bellemeade and Hurstbourne.

"They are entering unlocked vehicles and taking cash, change, social security cards, personal insurance documents. Things that could lead to much bigger problems down the road as far as identity theft," says Detective J.J. Seamon with the LMPD.

Mandy Schmidt's mother lives on a street that was targeted.  "She watched my son last week and made sure the doors were locked the whole time," says Mandy Schmidt.

Police say at this point this appears to be the only suspect but they are looking into whether he could be linked to a larger group.

"In the past these guys have been heroin addicts. There is a small group that we have slowly been infiltrating . All of which have done some time been let out, done some time and let out," says Detective J.J. Seamon.

In the meantime, while this guy is on the loose, police say residents need to watch out for anything unusual and especially lock your car doors at night.

" I keep my cars locked up in the garage . I think that's why we haven't been exposed to it,"  says Leonard Buckner/ Resident.

Police say in some instances, these car thefts escalate to home break-ins. If you recognize this man call police at 574-lmpd.