Murdered Clarksville man had lengthy criminal history


by Adam Walser

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 7:02 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 29 at 9:35 AM

(WHAS11) -- Clarksville Police now have the Ford Mustang they believe a killer drove away from a murder scene Tuesday.

"We have been looking for the vehicle. We located the vehicle here in Clarksville about 3 o'clock this morning," Maj. Darrell Rayburn of the Clarksville Police Department said.

Technicians searched the vehicle for clues like hair, DNA and fingerprints. They are also checking phone records and following up on leads, but there have not been any arrests in the case.

"It wasn't just a normal home invasion. I think something was going on that we probably don't want to talk about right now," Rayburn said.

The victim, 39-year-old Billy Ray Chambers, had a long criminal record.

He spent years in state and federal prisons for crimes including attempted murder, gun trafficking and numerous drug violations.

A police report we obtained indicated Chambers was a member of the Louisville Outlaws motorcycle club. In the report, it says that Chambers fired a gun at at least 12 people inside a nightclub after he and other gang members were kicked out of it.

His federal indictment indicates Chambers was a regional enforcer for that gang, meaning the 6 foot 2 inch, 270-pound man was in charge of internal discipline.

"He was trying very hard to make sure his life was going to be different than the Billy Ray Chambers whose life is reflected in all those pages of criminal record," his longtime attorney Larry Wilder said.

Wilder says Chambers dropped by his office Tuesday afternoon, just a few hours before his body was discovered.

"Billy Ray was at my co-counsel's office at 12:15 yesterday. At 12:15 he came in to pick up his driver's license from the office. He was smiling. He was laughing," Wilder said.

Chambers was due in Clark County Circuit Court Thursday for a hearing regarding a domestic violence case filed against him last year.

Police do not know if any of his past criminal activity had anything to do with why he was murdered.