Big Time Yurts says ad company refuses to honor billboard agreement


by Michelle Arnold

Posted on June 20, 2012 at 5:39 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 20 at 5:41 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky.(WHAS11) -- An effort by some Cardinal fans to raise enough money to purchase advertising on a billboard near the UK campus could soon be scratched. recently launched the "Lexington is for the Birds," bumper sticker campaign to raise the money. However, the deal may now be over after Big Time Yurts owner David Boone said an advertising company is refusing to honor their agreement.

“Once we sold the stickers, we were told they were not going to accept our business,” Boone said.

Boone is referring to Lamar Advertising, the company he thought he had an agreement with to secure a Cardinal billboard along I-64 near Lexington.

“They had sent us a price quote and all the information on the billboard we were looking to get,” Boone said.

In five days, Big Time Yurts sold their 900 "Lexington is for the Birds" stickers, which equals a month's rent for a billboard. Boone emailed Lamar to make their purchase.  Within minutes, a response back. They were told no.

“They said the billboard was degrading and that was pretty much it,” Boone said.

He said he understands Lamar is a privately owned company and has the right to refuse, but he thinks the decision is unfair.

“We just feel that we are being small timed; we are being mistreated and deceived,” Boone said.

The billboard controversy comes when the rivalry is at an all time high. Opposing fan bases are speaking out.

“A higher-up at Lexington got a hold of this and didn't want it to happen and that's why this billboard is not going up right now,” Mike Rutherford, publisher of Card Chronicle, said.

“A UK billboard in Louisville, 50 percent of the city likes. A UL billboard in Lexington, 50 percent of the city doesn’t like,” Matt Jones, Kentucky Sports Radio host, said.

We reached out to Lamar Advertising and were told they had no comment about the matter, but the fans certainly do.

“Their sign is no more degrading than the university sponsored ones we've seen for the past several summers,” Rutherford said.

“The biggest degradation to the city is that L1C4 logo because it's so silly,” Jones said.

But, the Big Time Yurts boys aren't kidding around.

“It's not going to sit well with Louisville fans and I think you're going to see a lot of support for these guys,” Rutherford said.

“We still have the money to pay for the billboard and we just want to get one up,” Boone said.

“If I own a billboard company, I’m hearing this story and saying ‘I'll put it up,’” Jones said.

Big Time Yurts said even though Lamar Advertising owns most of the billboards along I-64, they aren't giving up on their original goal.  They've contacted other billboard companies in Lexington and are waiting for a response.