CPSC issues safety tips ahead of Fourth of July holiday


by Sue Turner


Posted on June 27, 2012 at 5:57 PM

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WHAS11) -- It's almost the Fourth of July and you know what that means...fireworks!

The Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to make sure you come out of it without getting hurt. The CPSC demonstrated seven different firework scenarios on the National Mall in an effort to keep you safe this year.

Fireworks of the Fourth are an American tradition, but they can also cause a scary trip to the emergency room.

"In 2011, fireworks incidents sent 9,600 people to the hospital emergency room and tragically lead to four deaths," Inez Tenenbaum, CPSC spokesperson, said.

Experts showed what can happen on the National Mall - how a sparkler is as hot as a blow torch, temping out at 2,000 degrees.

An explosives expert said purchasing the right fireworks, rather than cheaper, unregulated ones is key.

"Consumer-approved fireworks are brightly colored in terms of packaging.  They will have markings that identify the manufacturer, Arthur Herbert, ATF agent, said.

If you are planning on setting off your own display, the CPSC has some helpful hints:
Here are a just a few of those things to keep in mind:

  • Set fireworks on a flat and dry surface.
  • Never bend over devices while lighting them.
  • Don't ever pick up a dud.
  • Always have water on hand.

Click here for the full list of safety tips from the CPSC.

"Celebrate safety by celebrating safely this Fourth of July," Cynthia Quarterman with the Department of Transportation said.

Experts also said you should bring the fireworks home in the trunk of your car, if you don't have a trunk make sure they are out of direct sunlight.