Brightside offers the Biobag as a green way to discard yard waste


Posted on September 28, 2009 at 2:54 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 6:12 PM

(WHAS11)- Cool autumn air is here. The leaves are starting to fall, which means some extra work around the yard.

You can now see the stands of yard bags in the front of the grocery and hardware stores. But, before you buy, we want to tell you about an Earth-friendly bagging option.


We're talking about Biobags from Brightside.

Louisville's Brightside Agency has been in the green business since 1986. Beautifying the city of Louisville is their main goal, and they now offer Biobags to help that cause.

Whether you are bagging at the grocery store or in your backyard, you know your options; paper or plastic. Now, you've got another option; corn starch.

"It's made of corn. The inks are made of soy so it's 100 % biodegradable," says Brightside Executive Director Cynthia Knapek.

When weighing your bagging options, think about where they will go, right to the dump.

When getting rid of your yard waste you could use your common plastic bag, it's cheaper, only about a quarter per bag.? But, it can sit in the landfill and never biodegrade.?

On the other hand you could choose to use the green Brightside bags.? It's about double the cost, fifty cents per bag.? But, it is completely biodegradable in just 45 days.? Plus, it's an investment in our environment.

Knapek says, "The fundraiser for Brightside we're working on right now is biodegradable corn starch bags, it's called a Biobag and we sell them at Heine Brothers and other local retailers and all the proceeds go back into clean and green programs for Brightside. We collect about one hundred thousand tons of yard waste in this community and the reason we separate it from our regular trash is because yard waste is compostable.? But, a lot of people put their yard waste in their plastic bag and what happens then is when we try to turn it into compost a whole lot of it in fact fifty percent of it is unusable, because it has all the plastic shreds in it."

Brightside says there are other Earth-friendly ways to get rid of your yard waste other than Biobags. You can use a mulching mower, a reusable trash receptable, or the biodegradable paper bags.