Bellarmine basketball player shares story after health scare


by Rachel Platt

Posted on February 5, 2014 at 8:06 PM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 5 at 8:21 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It’s the story you haven’t heard, a Bellarmine basketball player who collapsed just days before UofL’s Antonita Slaughter.

Twenty-year- old Darion Hutchinson collapsed at her dorm two days after playing some of her best basketball ever.

Hutchinson will not be dressing for any game for the rest of the year. The Scottsburg, Ind. native will be on the sidelines rooting for her team.

Hutchinson was on a roll early in the season and played some of her best basketball in the Great Lakes Valley Tournament at Bellarmine in November 2013 and was even named MVP.

Hutchinson’s dad Charles said every day is a gift, live your life with no regrets. Hutchinson said her dad’s motto is how she lives.

But her father's motto rings so true, nothing in life is a given, because no one could predict what would happen two days later. 

Chancellor Dugan says as a coach you prepare for sprains and jammed fingers, but not a stroke.

Dugan was among the first to be at Hutchinson's side after she collapsed. A teammate realized something was wrong and called 911 and Hutchinson was rushed to the hospital.

Hutchinson’s doctor, Dr. Kerri Remmel, could see there was evidence of a stroke.

A clot had formed and traveled to Hutchinson’s brain.

Hutchinson’s mom said she never did think her healthy 20-year-old would have a stroke; the chances about four in 100,000.

Hutchinson spent Thanksgiving in the hospital.

Hutchinson is still on blood thinners - and hasn’t been cleared to play basketball yet.

The search for what caused that blood clot has narrowed down to family history and birth control. Birth control is often used by female athletes who have issues with their period.

Hutchinson took birth control to help regulate her cycle, and didn’t know it could hurt her in anyway.

Dr. Remmel said if there is family history of clotting, you should stay away from birth control containing estrogen.

Hutchinson’s case is rare, but her family wanted to share their story.

Her plan is to come back next season. Her mom is thrilled she's still in the game at all, saying God has big plans for her, and if she can’t play, she’ll be one heck of a coach.