Arrests made in brutal West Louisville attack, murder


by Renee Murphy

Posted on November 8, 2012 at 11:37 AM

Updated Thursday, Nov 8 at 9:45 PM

(WHAS11) -- The family of a man brutally beaten had to make the painful decision to take him of life support. Now police have two suspects in the attack.

A family in the Portland neighborhood found Mickel Kimbley next to their fence in October. He was taking his final breaths. They told us after the attack they saw a man run through the alley and get into a van that sped off down Main Street. Now a man and an alleged getaway driver have been charged with murder.

“I would ask why?,” said Shawn Grady, Kimbley’s stepfather who raised him since he was a child.

Grady couldn’t hold back the tears as he spoke of his son.  “No one deserves to be beat that way.  They didn’t even give my son an opportunity to plead for his life, beg for his life or anything.  So, to me they have no regard for life.”

Mickel Kimbley died at University Hospital a few days after being beaten at 25th and Main in Louisville's Portland neighborhood.

Police say Darrell Bryan is the one who attacked Kimbley and Jennifer Hack drove the getaway car. According to police while Kimbley was in the hospital on life support, the suspects had his car towed and sold for scrap metal.

“The world is so evil as far as people's mental state. I wasn’t surprised,” said Erica Grady, Kimbley’s mother.

The family says they don't know the suspects but they've heard stories about Bryan.

“He was over there in Portland, over there bragging about it saying it felt so good he would try it again the following weekend after he did this to my son,” said Shawn Grady.

“No child should have to go through a beating the way they did him. Nobody deserves to be beat down like that and left for dead,” said Erica Grady.