Sellersburg boy, 7, donates money he made shoveling snow to charity


by Claudia Coffey

Posted on January 4, 2013 at 6:38 PM

(Sellersburg, In) -- After last week's first big snow, a 7-year-old from Sellersburg decided to help his neighbors out by shoveling their driveways for a little cash. What he did with that money has people across Kentuckiana applauding him. This story is getting so much attention on our Facebook page we just had to out and meet this young man. 

When three inches of snow piled up on Bryson Ledbetter's Sellersburg street. He grabbed the shovel and started helping clean out driveways on his street. A way to make some money, but he had a better idea.

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"I was shoveling my sidewalk with a friend and said I could shovel other people's sidewalks and make some money and give it to a charity," says Bryson Ledbetter.  Specifically he wanted to give it to the local orphanage.

"Cause some people don't have homes. We are real lucky we have homes," says Ledbetter.

His dad Joe says he was amazed and very proud that Bryson wanted to help others in any way he could.

"It makes you proud as a parent especially when it's his idea, " says Joe Ledbetter.

He didn't just shovel one driveway. He actually went around the driveway and shoveled several more. 

At around 3 or 4 dollars a driveway he collected roughly 12 dollars and was so proud to give it to Kingsfield Children's Home.

"I said I am Joe Ledbetter and this is my son Bryson and he decided he wanted to shovel some driveways and make a few bucks and donate it to kids that need it," says Joe Ledbetter.

Rose Iste at Kingfield Children's Home says they were all so touched by Bryson's kind heart. In fact, Bryson told the home, that he was sorry he couldn't give more.

" It was really sweet to have such a young heart be so big and want to give so much. It was really cool," says Rose Istre with Kingsfield Children's Home.

A small act of kindness that has the entire community talking about this kid with a big heart.  The Kingsfield Children's Home says it is getting many calls from people that saw the story on WHAS11's Facebook page and they want to know how to help.
Bryson says the next snow we get, he'll do it again and hopefully collect more money.