Big Brother of the Week is mentor and role model to little brother Rick Campbell


Posted on January 16, 2009 at 9:25 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 15 at 1:19 PM

By Gary Roedemeir

Our big brother of the week, David Jolley, has been matched with his little brother Rick Campbell, for two years. And David is having a measurable impact on Rick's life.

Rick is eleven-years-old, and his mother cannot say enough good things about his big brother David.

This is not a glamour match.

David has taught his little brother about real life, real things. Things like changing brakes on a car, refinishing a basement and that old standby spring cleaning.

Still, in two years, they've had a lot of fun.

Sometimes they work, but sometimes they soar through a night at Incredible Daves. It's been incredible from the start.

David says being a mentor has been easier than he thought. "It's like being yourself," he said, and David knew there was a great need for big brothers.

"A lot of times, the young ladies get a big sister relatively quickly. But the guys, the young men, sometimes it takes as long as a year to get a big brother. So, there's a huge need for male roles."

By volunteering, David found Rick, a young man growing up in a single parent home, and it filled a big space in a kid's life.

Rick said, "He's taught me a lot of experiences that I've never had, growing up without a dad."

The big brother found a bright young man ready to help on projects like the new nursery at the Jolley house. David asked Rick, "What was it, a stroller that you put together in ten seconds? I'm reading the instructions, you know, part A goes in, you know, slot B, whatever, and look up and he's got it altogether."

And with the help of his big brother, Rick's got his life all together. And for David, this is the perfect kind of volunteer project. "He's given me a great excuse to get out and go to Incredible Dave's and play video games. I really know that we have a lot of similarities. I was a lot like him when I was eleven and twelve-years-old. So, yeah, it's fun to be a kid again."< /p>

All it takes is taking another kid along.

For more information on how you can become a big brother or big sister mentor call 1-877-588-2300.

Web story published by Chris Wright