Couple's-Match becoming increasingly popular for volunteers of Big Brother Big Sister


Posted on November 7, 2008 at 10:14 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 15 at 1:15 PM

by Gary Roedemeir

A couple's match is becoming an increasingly popular way of volunteering as a Big Brother and Big Sister.

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For a husband and wife, mentoring can be a team effort, and this a heartwarming story of a couple and their ten-year-old little brother. Aary'on Jones is one lucky little brother.

He has a Big Brother, who loves to play, and a Big Sister who keeps a very close watch on his school work. It amounts to a team approach to a ten-year-old in progress.

For Milton and Teneisha Ali, it's phase-ten at Chick-Fil-A. After dinner, it was time to deal. So how does this match fill out a winning hand.

Well, this particular young man doesn't have any sisters. "So come to find out, you know, I fit, there was a place for me," said Teneisha. She's also the academic watchdog, sometimes an ally, sometimes the nemesis. "We ask questions about his exams and his test days on Friday. We just talk thru it," she said.

But that's just half the equation, where does the Big Brother fit in? He's like the playful one and she's like the business one.

Milton agrees, this match allows him to be a kid again. " We're both the kids. She's the adult, with us. So, I kinda relate a little bit more to him from being a ten-year-old," said Milton.

And what do these these kids love to do together? Playing card games together. But in all the dealing, the three are constantly communicating. And this Big Couple has found a very bright student.

Milton said, "What I discovered is a young man who wants to learn and it's so important. He asks us questions all the time."& #160; Teneisha, who's also a volunteer for Everyone Reads, is thrilled by Aary'on's progress as a student. She says, "He's a sponge of information. Always coming back and telling us about Antarctica, what he learned and it's just an inspiration to see a child who loves knowledge."

It's all about finding your place, building a friendship that works, to improve the life of a child.

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Web story published by Chris Wright