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Posted on August 15, 2009 at 6:40 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 13 at 3:14 PM

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(WHAS11) - This week's consumer watch is a progress report on a couple of stories we've been following for a while now.

It's also a testament to our viewers who sometimes get involved for no other reason than to right a wrong.

When WHAS11 News first introduced you to Bonnie Morris she was at her wits end.

But now thanks to one of our viewers she's thrilled.

Morris paid a concrete contractor named Ken Walker about $4,000 dollars for a new porch and walk. For months her yard was an eye-sore, and the job sat unfinished. After WHAS11's Andy Treinen got involved Ken Walker promised to finish the job and wrote up a new contract. But again, he didn't show up to complete the job. But one of our viewers who also does concrete did show up to complete the job at no cost to Bonnie Morris.

"Jeff Wilson saw your interview with bonnie. It touched him and he wanted to take the opportunity to right a wrong so he contacted us at ernst and wanted to know if we would participate with him to basically not let a single bad apple make the whole basket look bad"< /p>

Wilson didn't want to go on camera. He says he didn't get involved for the television coverage. But bonnie Morris says she'll recommend him to anyone who asks. And that could amount to something because she's now known as the concrete lady.

"Since I've gotten a porch I've been sitting out on my porch in the evening and people have ridden by and given me thumbs up. People I don't even know," she says.

So far the news is not as good for customers of John McQueen and Champion Construction. Now after our initial stories aired there was a $10,000 dollar warrant put out for McQueen's arrest. But so far police have not been able to find him, and that's not a surprise to Chris Roadcap.

"I've sent letters to John McQueen via certified mail to three addresses, all three letters came back," says Roadcap.

Chris Roadcap saw our stories about McQueen in May, but that was after he'd contracted with Champion Construction in February. He'd already paid $28,645 dollars on a $33,700 dollar job.

"I started getting calls from sub-contractors saying that they hadn't been paid," he says.

Roadcap knew he was in trouble. There was trim hanging down from his front porch supported by wobbly two by fours. His addition in the back was framed in only with the outdoor electric box still inside and his back yard was still a construction site with a cut and exposed electric line.

"None of it's been completed and nobody's been up here in months. How long's this job supposed to take? Six to eight weeks and it's been six months."

He's filed complaints with the Indiana and Kentucky attorney generals office. Roadcap says he knows he probably won't get any more work done, or any compensation from John McQueen. His time consuming efforts are simply to keep a man who's already spent time in jail for scamming homeowners from doing it all over again.

"I don't think he should be allowed to do business. It's my understanding he's done the same type of thing in Florida. He's been convicted for it in Kentucky and yet he's still in business.

This is a civil lawsuit several plaintiffs have filed against John McQueen.

Criminally, the bench warrant for McQueen is entered into a nationwide data base. If he's picked up anywhere in the country he'll be brought back to Kentucky to face those charges.

Chris Roadcap learned about McQueen through a web-site named It's designed to pre-screen professionals. Roadcap has also filed a complaint against that web-site for sending John McQueen his way.

If you feel like you're being taken advantage of by and employer or a Kentuckiana business, send us an e-mail at. We want to hear your story.