Woman holds demonstration in attempt to get child support from ex-husband



Posted on August 15, 2009 at 6:40 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 13 at 2:56 PM

(WHAS11) - A southern Indiana woman says she's fed up with her ex-husband not paying child support and the system that she says allows him to get away with it.

So Friday, she decided to hold a demonstration outside his business.

Fliers are being passed out in Clark County where Tara Payne's ex husband Gary Weston lives and operates a private healthcare facility for the elderly.

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That's where Payne decided to let neighbors and passersby know today that Weston is thousands of dollars behind on child support payments.

This is a walk of shame for Tara Payne, not for her, but for her ex-husband Gary Weston, who lives and cares for elderly patients in the house behind her.

Payne says Weston is almost $8,800 dollars behind in his child support payments. It's money which supports his children Tyler and Bethanie.

Payne says that Weston spends thousands on legal fees to avoid payment while Tyler and Bethanie depend on welfare and reduced lunch.

"My kids have scraped money out of couch cushions and car seats just so we can get a gallon of milk at times and offered their money that they get for Christmas or birthdays to help pay bills," she says.

Payne says the court system is also the problem since payments are further delayed by constantly changing venues and court dates.

Since Weston is self-employed, the state can't garnish his wages, like it can in most cases.

Payne's friends and relatives are helping by handing out flyers and circulating a petition calling for action.

The prosecutor's office says it is tough on child support violators, even posting a "top ten" deadbeat parents list.

But Payne says prosecutors already have available tools.

"If they start pulling a license from a guy, he's gonna listen. If they start attaching his tax returns, they're gonna listen. If they start putting liens on their homes and vehicles, they're gonna listen," she says.

Gary Weston could not be reached for comment.