Crusade spotlight: Tayler Kleinfelter


Posted on August 15, 2009 at 6:43 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 13 at 2:04 PM

(WHAS11) - Parents are always concerned about the health of their children.

Now WHAS11's Melissa Swan brings you the story of the Kleinfelters and how your support of the WHAS11 Crusade for Children helped them deal with their daughter's critical diagnosis.

At that point doctors diagnosed Tayler's condition as lee's disease.

Noelle Kleinfelters said, "It's a mitochondrial DNA disorder where it doesn't let your cells push the energy to where it needs to go. It just turns into lactic acid. And it destroys your muscles."

Therapies are limited and the Kleinfelters faced what no parent ever wants to hear.

Noelle said, "There's no cure. There's no slowing it down. Whatever her body's going to do is what her body's going to do. The only thing we can do is try to make her as comfortable as possible and keep her life fun."

Tayler's pediatrician connected the Kleinfelters with the Hosparus Courageous Kids Program, a program supported by your gifts to the crusade.

Kathy Jones said, "We work as a team and we come out routinely to check her to make sure her symptoms are under control and that she's as comfortable as possible."

That support means everything to Tayler's parents, Richard and Noelle.

Noelle said, "It's meant a lot. It helps with us to have the nurses come out. It's peace of mind knowing there's always going to be somebody there to help you. And you felt like you're not alone."

Not long after the day that we visited the Kleinfelters, Tayler succumbed to the effects of lee's disease. Richard and Noelle wanted to share Tayler's story to celebrate her life and to publicly thank everyone for all their kindness and support.

They ask that you honor her memory with a gift to the WHAS11 Crusade for Children.