Youth basketball coach accused of sexually abusing JCPS employee


Posted on August 15, 2009 at 6:38 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 13 at 2:03 PM

(WHAS11) - A youth basketball coach has been accused of sexually abusing a Jefferson County Public Schools employee while he was practicing at a local high school gymnasium with his team

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The alleged victim was a custodian at the school who says Kenneth "Dion" Lee made an unwanted advance against her.

The scene of the alleged sexual abuse was at Seneca High School.

As the Louisville Legends basketball team was preparing for practice, a school employee says their coach, Kenneth "Dion" Lee, cornered her in a room and told her to bend over.

According to the report, the woman told police that when she refused, Lee forced her to touch him in a sexual manner and attempted to pull her pants down.

Lee denies the allegation.

But WHAS11 News determined it's not the first time this coach has been in trouble with the law.

You may remember back in 1998 when Lee was federally indicted for allegedly taking money in exchange for shaving points when he was a started for Northwestern University.

He was sentenced to a month in prison and was placed on probation for two years.

More recently, Lee was arrested on a drug charge in Texas, for which he is still on probation.

Meanwhile, his team, the Louisville Legends, finished second in the nation in its division last year.

Since Lee was the coach and director of the program, his background was never checked.

And it was never required to be checked by the Amateur Athletic Union.

That's something parents WHAS11 News spoke with at Hoops in eastern Jefferson County found alarming.

Everybody has background checks these days. We do background checks at work. And everybody's job anymore depends on some form of background check.

A.A.U. teams practice at Hoops year round.

One coach is a Baptist minister.

"I think we all should be checked. Anytime you work with children or youth, I think people need to be checked," he says.

While Lee is innocent until proven guilty of the latest crime, parents say his past criminal history should be enough to keep him from coaching young kids.

It depends on the crime, but my thought would be "no". I would say the person convicted of a crime has other issues.

WHAS11 News spoke with Lee's attorney.

He told us that Lee has stepped aside as coach of the Louisville Legends until the case goes to court.