Thoughts from family and community on the love of a great friend, his life, influence


Posted on August 15, 2009 at 6:42 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 13 at 1:57 PM

(WHAS11) - Thoughts from Chuck's family and his community on the love of a great friend, his life and his influence.

Inspired by Chuck Olmstead's love for life, those who loved him declared the Saturday, March 14, 2009 memorial, a celebration of his life:

Rev. Kevin Cosby: "Thank God for Chuck, because Chuck had an eye for objectivity. He could see the best in the worst of situations."

Terry Meiners, 84WHAS Radio: "Celebrate the life of a guy that uplifted all of our lives. He touched everyone here in so many thousands of untold stories we're not even aware of, but Chuck reached out and changed lives."

Also in the congregation today, were his family, his church family, his WHAS11 family, and the family of Louisville's TV journalists:

Jean West, WBKI TV: "He listened with patience when I was angry or scared or upset or wrong. He was always respectful and patient and compassionate and he always listened."

Candyce Clift, WDRB News, on behalf of Barry Bernson: "Over the years every time TV station managers brought another TV ratings consultant and tried to repackage, reinvent the news to try to pump it up and glitz it up and pander to the perceived winds of changing taste, Chuck would just roll his eyes. He would go on doing the same thing he always did, which was great television."

Dawne Gee, WAVE3 News: "Every death is like a burning of a library. Chuck was my library many times. He was a wealth of information, integrity and knowledge."

John Boel, WLKY32 News: "Only one reporter who could force me to stop and watch the story he's covering and that's Chuck. Even after I was assigned three different park perverts series I sprinted over to watch what Chuck did with the very same thing, and it was much better that way. Maybe we should all try to be more like Chuck. Cut through the spun garbage we're fed on a daily basis; have passion for the craft of journalism and storytelling, be serious but don't take ourselves too seriously. And above all, don't be afraid to take time out to enjoy life. Stop off and make a quick bet at the track, if you got time."

Tom Dorsey: "We all knew Chuck. On a thousand days and nights when he came into our living room and graced us with his presence in a way that we'll never forget.

Steve Crump, WBTV, reporter, Charlotte, NC:To a teenager growing up in Smoketown, Chuck Olmstead, to me, demonstrated the possible.

Pat Day, Churchill Downs Jockey: "Chuck, you've fought the good fight. you have finished the race, and you have kept the faith, now my dear friend, take hold of that crown of righteousness which the lord the righteous judge had laid up for you, and may you rest in peace my friend."

Craig & Charles Olmstead, Chuck's sons:

Charles; "My father taught me and my brother how to grow up to be strong responsible men of integrity, to hold our heads up high and carry the Olmstead name with pride."

Craig: "And now that my father, my Dad, my friend has gone to a better place, I can honestly say that I will really miss him. And I can't imagine my life without him. So instead of saying goodbye to my dad as well as my friend, I'm going to simply say until we meet again. I love you Dad.

Rev. Malone: "African Americans like Chuck Olmstead represented us so well that it kept sending a signal that we cannot be denied our rightful place in the fabric of this society."